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PokeVista: no 1. Pokemon Map Tracker app on Android

You no longer need to wander around in the hope to find the Pokemon you are looking for. We present you... PokeVista! With PokeVista you have a great, realtime Pokemon map overview of all the Pokemon in your surroundings, ready to be caught. Now, what are you waiting for? Go chase those little creatures!

Track the Pokemon map in realtime

Our Pokemon map tracks all those Bulbasaurs, Squirtles and Charmanders in realtime. That means you also see how much time is left before a Pokemon will despawn. So, do you need to walk, run or sprint to catch that Pikachu?

See our Pokemon map in action!

Use the realtime Pokemon map for Pokemon GO to track and reveal them all.Use our Pokemon Tracker to search your surroundings on the Pokemon GO map.

How does PokeVista work?

Tap anywhere on the map to do a search. When the search is completed, the Pokemon around you will be shown on the map. Go to the specified location, open the Pokemon GO app and... tada! The Pokemon you saw on the PokeVista map are there, ready to be caught.

Best rated Pokemon tracker app on Android

Does PokeVista really work that well? The answer is simple and clear: yes! But you don’t have to believe us, rather read the reviews we’re getting:

"Simple way to find your Pokémon Use this app to see where your Pokémon is hiding. If you're tired of catching Ratatas and Pigleys, use PokeVista."
- Willem Sjoerd van Vliet
"Great idea Works great for small areas. The Pokemon that show up are actually at the location, just be quick cuz there is a time limit when they disappear. The app is AWESOME!!!"
- Markus Goffinet
"It works I stood up till 5am when i finally found this app and now im gonna be the very best like no one ever was"
- Eliezer Torres


If you have questions, suggestions, feedback or a business inquiries, you can contact us at getpokevista@gmail.com.

Legal notices

PokeVista is an unofficial app and is not associated, affiliated, endorsed, sponsored or approved by © Niantic (developer of Pokémon Go) or © Pokémon Company.


If the Pokémon GO servers are unstable or offline, PokéVista will take more time than expected to load the Pokémon around you or fail to load them. Pokémon attracted by Lures and Incense do not show on PokéVista, since these are only shown to you.